Explanatory notes

The preliminary taxonomic sequence used here was initially Sibley&Monroe.
Subsequently the list followed Howard and Moore, and then the IOC World Birds Name list.

Modifications include:

I have no intention of including common names in the database in the forseeable future.

I expect these data will be of greatest interest to Museum managers, avian taxonomists, and academic ornithologists.

I believe that this dataset is most valuable because of the uniformity of the citational sources, and the accuracy of the citational data (esp. dates).
Linking with my files that document the differences with other sources (esp. Peters Checklist), will also be quite valuable in my opinion.

Nevertheless, errors undoubtedly exist and I would be pleased to have any and all infelicities brought to my attention.

I EAGERLY seek input regarding these data, and would like to hear what would make the data more useful.

Comments&Suggestions to Data Steward
Alan P. Peterson, M.D.
POB 1999
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Last updated 2015.06.20