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Abdulali Humayan Abdulali b. May 19, 1914 Kobe, Japan d. Jun 3, 2001 Bombay
Abel, Othenio 1875-1945
Acerbi, Giuseppe [Giussepe] (Joseph) 1773-1846 Italy Born: May 3, 1773; Castel-Goffredo near Mantua, Italy. Died: Aug 26, 1846 Was editor of Biblioteca Italiana
Adams, Andrew. Leith, M.B. 1826-1882 Surgeon 22nd Regiment Communicated by T. J(ardine ?) and F. Moore Proc. Zool Soc Lond p 482 Wrote "Wanderings of a naturalist in India" Edinb. 1867.
Afzelius, Adam 1750-1837 Born: 1750 Larv in Westgrothia. 1777 Teacher in Oriental Languages Uppsala Univ. 1785 Demonstrator in Botany 1791-1798 Sec'y to the Swedish Ambassador in London 1802 President of the Zoophytolithic Society. 1812 Prof. Materia Medica.
Agne, Carlos Eduardo Quevedo
Agro, D. J.
Ahlquist, Jon Edward
Ainley, David G.
Aiwu, Jiang
Albertis, (Cavaglieri) Luigi Maria d' 1841-1901 also as D'Albertis & Salvadori (Salvadori) & d' Albertis
Alcasid 1909-1984 b. 13 Jan. 1909 d. 2 Nov. 1984 Aslcsid, Godofredo L.
Aldrich, John Warren 1906-1995 b. 23 Feb. 1906 Providence, RI d. 3 May 1995 Tucson, AZ Born: 23 Feb. 1906, Providence R.I. Brown University, PhB. 1928 Counsellor at Camp Chewonki in Maine Recommended that Roger Tory Peterson fill his position vacated at Chewonki Case Western Reserve M.A. 1933; Ph.D. 1937
Aleixo, Alexandre
Alexander, Boyd (Lt) 1873-1910 b. 16 Jan. 1873 d. 2 Apr 1910 (murdered by tribesmen in the Sudan) Obit: Ibis 1910: (568),716 Brother: Capt. Claude Alexander Died Nov. 13, 1904 (aet. 26) at Ft. Maifoni, Africa
Alfaro, Anastásio (Gonzalez) 1865-1951 Also as Anastasio Alfaro González Dir. Nat. Mus. Costa Rica Born: Feb 16, 1865 Alajuela, Costa Rica. Educated Univ. Santo Tomas Died: Jan 20, 1951 San Jose, Costa Rica
Ali 1896-1987 Ali, Sálim A. (Sálim Moizuddin Abdul) (1896-1987) b. Nov. 12, 1896 Bombay. d. July 27, 1987 Bombay (Prostate cancer) [Abdulali's uncle].
Allen, Desmond
Allen, D.N.S.
Allen, Joel Asaph 1838-1921
Allen, Glover Morill 1879-1942 Born: Walpole, N.H. Oct. 17 1879 High School: Newton Mass. Elected to Nuttal Ornithological Club 1898. College: Harvard, A.B. 1901; A.M. 1903; Ph.D. 1904; Post-grad. 1906-1907. Curator of Mammals Mus.Comp.Zool. Editor of the Auk. Died: Cambridge, MA Feb. 15,1942
Almásy von Zsadány, Georg , Dr. 1867-1933 Dr. Georg Almásy von Zsadány und Törökszentmilós
Alonso, Jose Alvarez José Alvarez Alonso
Alféraky Sergei Nikolaevich Alphéraky 1850-1918(?9) also as Alpheraky b. April 14, 1850 Kharkov, Ukraine
Alstrom, Per
Altum, Bernard 1824-1900 Born: Dec. 31, 1824
Alvarenga,H Alvarenga Herculano
Alvarez, Jose = Jose Alvarez A. = Jose Alvarez Alonso
Alvarez del Toro, Miguel Miguel Carlos Francicso Alvarez del Toro Born: 1917, Aug. 23 Colima Mex. Died: 1996, Aug. 2 Chiapas, Mex.
Amadon, Dean b. 1912 d. 2003, Jan. 12. Tenafly, N.J. Amadon & duPont, John E. (Parkes) & Amadon
Amaral Amaral, Fábio Raposo do
Anderson, John 1833-1900 Born: 1833, Edinburgh. India Museum, Calcutta Died: Aug. 15(6), 1900 at Buxton [Ibis: 1901:159-160]
Anderson, Andrew An ornithologist of India. Died: July, 1878
Andrews, Roy Chapman 1884-1960
Angehr, George R.
Angelini, Giovanni
Anthony, Alfred Webster 1865-1939 Born: 25 Dec, 1865. (given as 1886 by Mearns & Mearns) Cayuga Co., NY Died: 1939 Resident of San Diego, and an active collector of birds and fauna, apparently mostly on the west coast and in and around Baja. Apparently the majority of his bird collection (ca. 10,000 specimens) is at the Carnegie Museum.
Antinori, Orazio (Marchese) 1811-1882 Born: Oct. 28, 1811 at Perugia Died: Aug. 26, 1882 at Marefia, in Shea, Abyssinia.
Arctander, Peter
Aristizábal, Natalia
Arnold, L.W.
Arndt, Thomas
Arrigoni degli Oddi, Ettore (Comte) 1867-1942
Ash, John S.
Ashmole, N.P.
Ashby, Edwin A. 1861-1941
Athreya, Ramana
Audebert, Jean Baptiste 1759-1800 (& Vieillot) Born: 1759, Rochefort, France Died: 1800, Paris.
Audouin, Jean Victoire 1791-1841 Sometimes as Victor Audouin b. Apr. 27, 1797 d. Nov. 9, 1841
Audubon, John James (LaForest) 1785-1851 Mother: Jeanne Rabine Father: Capt. Jean Audubon Birth: 26 April, 1785 [CWR gives Birth: May 4, 1780; New Orleans] Married: Lucy Blakewell (of Fatland Ford) April 1808 Sons: Victor Gifford (June 1809);John Woodhouse (Nov. 1812) Daughters: 1815, 1819 (died in infancy) Died: 27 Jan. 1851 ("Minnie's Land" --[home] on Manhattan)
Aveledo, HR Aveledo Hostos, Ramon
Avendano-C,JE Avendaño-C, Jorge Enrique
Aviola, Phillip
Azevedo, Lorena
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