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Nachtigall,MG Nachtigall, Mauricio Giovanni
Naka, Luciano N.
Narosky, Samuel
Natterer, Johann 1787-1843 collected in Brazil 1817-1835 Born: Nov. 9th, 1787: Laxenburg. 6 km south of Wien, Austria. Died: Wien, June, 17, 1843. Natterer & Malherbe
Naumann, Carl Andreas b. 1786.11.14 [Ziebigk] d. 1854.03.12 [Aken] J.F. Naumann's younger brother.
Naumann, Johann Andreas b. 1744.04.03 [Ziebigk] d. 1826.05.16 [Ziebigk]
Naumann, Johann Friedrich b. 1780.02.14 [Ziebigk] d. 1857.08.15 [Ziebigk] Naumann & Naumann
Naumburg, Elsie Margaret Binger 1880-1953 Born: New York City Private education, studied with Carl Hellmayr 1908 Married Victor Reichenberger (who dies in 1913). 1914 Returns to New York, on outbreak of WWI. 1920 appointed Reseach Assit. at Am.Mus. 1921 married Walter Wehle Naumburg. 1924 appointed Reseach Assoc. at Am.Mus. Hired Emil Kaempfer as a collector in SE Brazil Director of Am.Red Cross during WW II. Established the Chapman fund on Chapman's death. Died Nov. 25, 1953, New York.
Naurois de Naurois, René (Abbé) b.1906
Navarrete, L.
Navarro, Aldolfo G. [= Adolfo G. Navarro S.]
Neave Sheffield Airey 1879-1961 Secretary Zool Soc Lond.
Nechaev, V.A.
Nehrkorn, Adolphe 1841-1916
Neboux, Adolphe-Simon 1806-?
Negro, JJ Negreo, Juan José
Nelson, Edward William, Dr 1855-1934 Born: 8 May, 1855 Amoskeag, N.H. Died: 19 May, 1934 Garfield Hospital, Washington, D.C. [Obit. Auk 52:135-148. 1935]
Neumann, Oscar Rudolph (Prof) 1867-1946 European moved to Field Mus. Chicago Died: 17 May 1946 Obit: Ibis 1947:519 Reichenow & Neumann
Neunzig, Rudolf 1896-1966 b. 28 Aug. 1896 Berlin d. 30 Dec. 1996 Berlin-Hermsdorf
Newman, Robert J.
Newton, Alfred 1829-1907 Prof Zool & Comp. Anat. Magdalen Coll 1864-1894 Fellow Royal Society Dies: June 7, 1907, Cambridge. Newton, Alfred & Newton, Sir Edward 1832-1897
Newton, Sir Edward 1832-1897 Born: Nov, 1832 Colonial Service in Mauritius, 1859-1877. Founder and original member of the British Ornithologist's Union. "one of the eight who formulated the idea of the Union and of the Ibis, one of the original 20 members to which the BOU was strictly limited." Lt. Gov. and Colonial Sec'y Jamaica, 1877-1883. Knighted 1887. Died: April 25, 1897
Nichols, John Treadwell 1883-1958 & Mowbray, Louis L. 1883-
Nicholson, Francis
Nicolai, J
Nicoll, Michael John 1880-1925
Nielsen, H.
Nieman, Aline
Niethammer, Günther 1908-1974
Nikolaus, G
Niles, David M.
Nilsson, Sven [Skandinnavisk Fauna 1824-1828] 1787-1883
Nishiumi, Isao
Nitzsch, Christian Ludwig 1782-1837
(Bangs) & Noble, Gladwyn Kingsley 1894-1940 AMNH
Nodder, FP Nodder, Frederick Polydore ????-1800 (sometimes as 1801).
(Shaw) & Nodder, Richard P.
Nordmann, Alexander (Davidovic, Davidovich) von 1803-1866
Nores, Manuel & Yzurieta, Dario
Normon, JA Normon, Janette A.
Norris, Robert A.
North, Alfred John 1855-1917 Australia, Nat Mus of A.
Norton, Arthur Herbert Born: April 19, 1870, St. George, Me. Died: Jan. 5, 1943
Novaes,Fernando C. Museu Paraense Emilio Goeldi, Departamento de Zoologia C.P. 399 66017-970 Belem, Para, Brazil (1995)
Nutt, David Clark b. 21 June, 1919 Cleveland OH 1941 Graduated Dartmouth Coll. (Botany) Commanding Officer USS Sumner (Ulithi, Guam, Iwo Jima, Leyte, Okinawa, Korea, China, Bikini). On Mt Suribachi, he jumped into a foxhole to find himself next to his Dartmouth college roomate Capt. Robert White (USMC) Active exploration in the Arctic, esp. Labrador. His boat the Blue Dolphin was later used in a song. d. 10 Jan. 2008 Etna, N.H. (his home since 1946). "Arctic" Obituary
Nuttall, Thomas 1786-1859 Born: Jan. 5, 1786 Long Preston, Settle, Yorkshire England Died: Sept. 10, 1859, England
Nyari Nyári, Árpád S.
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