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Pacheco, José Fernando Pacheco, Whitney, & Gonzaga
Pakenham, Richard Hercules Wingfield 1906-fl 1979
Palacios,CJ Palacios, César Javier
Pallas, Peter Simon 1741-1811 Father: Professor of Surgery. Mother: French. Born: Sept. 22, 1741. Berlin. 1758: Attended Halle Univ. then transf. to Goettingen. 1760 moved to Leyden. Doctorate at age 19. Died: Sept. 8, 1811. Berlin.
Palma, R.L.
Palmen, Johann (Johan) Axel 1845-1919
Palmer, William b. Aug. 1, 1856 Penge (London) England d. Apr. 8, 1921 Bellevue Hosp. N.Y. son of Joseph Palmer who was employed for many years in dept. Taxidermy U.S. Nat. Museum.

Palmer, Thoedore Sherman 1868-1955 Born in Oakland CA. Graduated UC Berkeley 1888 MA Georgetown 1895 1896 began work in U.S. Dept. Agriculture
Paludan, Knud John 1908-1988 Danish ornitholgist (Hartert) & Paludan, Knud John 1908- Dansk (Stresemann) & Paludan
Paguntalan, F.R.
Panza, Robin K.
Parker, R.H.
Parker, Shane A.
Parker, Theodore A., III Born: 1 April, 1953 Raised in Lancaster, PA. LSU Died: 3 Aug, 1993 in a small plane crash near Guayaquil, Ecuador. Parker, T. A., III & ONeill, J.P (Graves) ONeill & Parker ONeill & Parker
Parkes, Kenneth Carroll 1922-2007 & Amadon, Dean (Kepler) & Parkes, Kenneth C.
Parrini, Ricardo
Parrot, Carl 1867-?
Parsons, Frank Elliot 1882-1968
Parzudaki, Charles 1806-1889 b. 7 May 1806 La Canée, Crete d. 30 Dec 1889 Spouse: Eugénie Émilie Parzudaki 1834-1884
Pateff, Pawel [Royal Museum, Sofia]
Paterson, Mary
Patten, Michael A.
Paykull, Gustaf von, Friherr 1757-1826 Swedish entomologist
Payne, Robert B. 1938-x
Paynter, Raymond Andrew, Jr. 1925 - Born: 29 November, 1925, New York, N.Y. College: Bowdoin College, B.S. 1946. Yale Univ. M.S. 1948, PhD. 1954
Payraudeau, B.C. [Catalog Annelids + Molluscs of Corsica 1826 ]
Peale, Titian Ramsay 1800-1885
Pearman, Mark
Pearson, J.T. J.T. Pearson, M.D.
Pearson, David J. (Bangs) & Peck, Morton E.
Pecotich, L.
Peltzam, Emmanuil Danilovitch 1837-? [Variable orthography with this name: H&M 3rd:63 uses the orthography "Pelzam" which follows the Peters Checklist, and is presumably the basis. This same "Pelzam" orthography is used by Seebohm in his 1901 "Birds of Siberia" (see p.5). However, the Cat.Books Brit. Mus. renders the name "Peltzam"; the Richmond Index has it as "Pöltzam" and "Poelzam".]
Pelzeln, August von 1825-1891 Imp Mus Vienna Custos; 40 years in charge of Mammal and Bird collections. Died: 2 Sept, 1891 Oberdobling (near Vienna).
Pena, Luis G. Luis Peña G.
Penard, Arthur Philip 1880-1932
Penard, Frederik Paul 1876-1909
Penard, Thomas Edward 1878-1936 Born: May 7, 1878. Paramaribo, Surinam. Came to US at age 13 living in Everett, MA. MIT 1896-1900. S.B. Electrical Engineering. Worked for Edison Electric Illuminating Co. Worked with Outram Bangs. 1905 Married Sabrina Grant. son Frederick. Died: Oct 27, 1936 Cambridge, MA. (Bangs), & Penard
Penhallurick, John
Pennant, Thomas 1726-1798 (Benson) & & Penny Penny, Malcolm J.
Pérez Chinchilla, L. A.
Perkins, Robert Cyril Layton 1866-1955
Perry, George
Peters,DS Peters, Dieter Stefan
Peters, HS Peters, Harald Seymour
Peters, James Lee 1890(?1889)-1952 2nd Lt. Quartermaster's Corps. Jacksonville FL Later served in France. Peters, JL & Griscom Peters, JL & Loveridge (Bangs) & Peters, JL (Barbour) & Peters, JL (Wetmore) & Peters, JL
Peters, Wilhelm Karl Hartwig (Prof.) 1815-1883(?4)
Peterson, A. Townsend
Phalan, B.
Phelps, William Henry 1875-1965 & Phelps, W. H., Jr. Venezuela
Phelps, William Henry, Jr 1902-1988 Venezuela (Wetmore) & Phelps (Zimmer) & Phelps
Philippi, Rodolfo Amando 1808-1904 (Rudolph Amandus) born: 14 Sep., 1808 died: 23 July, 1904 Santiago Chile 1853-1883. Director of the Santiago Museum. Philippi & Landbeck, Luis
Philippi Banados, Rodolfo A. 1905-1969 also as Rudolfo A. Philippi
Phillips, Allan Robert
Phillips, John Charles 1876-1938 (Bangs) & Phillips
Phillips ( see Lort Phillips )
Phillips, W.W.A.
Philogene, D.
Phipps, Constantine John 1744-1792 2nd Baron Mulgrave 1. Phipps, Constantine John, 1744-1792. Voyage of Captain Phipps towards the North Pole : with a brief view of the attempts at discovering a ... Philadelphia : Printed and sold by Joseph and James Crukshank, 1803.
Piacintini, Vitor de Q.
Piller, Mathias 1733-1788 b. Graz d. Buda Note, sometimes given as "A. Mathia Piller"; I suspect this comes from the title where the names are given as "Susceptum A. Mathia Piller ... et Ludovico Mitterpacher." I believe the "A." here stands for Auctores.
Pinchon, Robert 1913-1980
Pinto, Oliverio Mario de Oliveira b 1896
Pitelka, Frank Alois 1916-2003 Born: Chicago 27 March 1916 Died: S.Cal. 10 Oct. 2003
Pleske, Theodor 1858-1932 also as :Pleske, Theodor Dimitrivitch Imp. Acad. Sci. St. Petersburg 1886-1896. Zool. Musem 1893-1897. [Mearns give 1858-1932]
Plowes, Darrel C.H.
Poche, Franz 1879-1945
Poeppig, Eduard Friedrich 1798-1868 Cuba
Pollen, François P. L. 1842-1886 Neth. (Schlegel) & Pollen
Poliakov, G. I.
Pons, AR
Pontoppidan, Erik 1698-1764 Dansk.
Pooja Gupta
Portenko, Leonid Aleksandrovich 1896-1972 NOTE: Also as Portenko, Leonidas (e.g. Auk 1930 47:205) Partenko, Leonidas (e.g. Auk 1936 53:194)
Portes, Carlos Eduardo B.
Potapov, Roald L .
Potts, Thomas Henry 1824-1888 N.Z.
Poulsen, Michael Koie
Pratt, H. Douglas 1944-
Pratt,TK Pratt, Thane K.
Prawiradilaga, Dewi M.
Prazak 1870-1904 Josef Prokuslav Prazák b. June 22, 1870 d. July 15, 1904
Preleuthner, Monika
Prestridge, Heather L.
Prevost, Florent (Or Prevot) d.1870 Assist. Nat. Paris Mus. ca 1840 Prevost & DesMurs (DesMurs) & Prevost (Knip) & Prevost
Price, William Wightman 1871-1922 b. 1871.01.20 Milwaukee, WI. Oakland High School, then Stanford. (Condor 1923 25:50-57)
Prigogine, Alexandre (Dr) 1913-1991 Belgian Congo Died: May, 1991 Obits: Ibis 134:89; Tauraco 2:95
Priola, A.
Prjvalsky, Nikolai (Nicholas) Mikhailovitch (Michailovitch) (General) 1839-1887 Also as Przhevalski, Przhevalsky, Przewalski, Prejevalsky, Prejevalski, Prejevalsky & Przewalsk. (pron. She-val-ski) Born 1839 Kimbory, Smolensk into a noble Cossack family. Died: Oct. 20, 1887 (from AOU April, 1910. some give as 1888)
Prum, Richard O.
Prys-Jones, Robert also as Prŷs-Jones
Ptuschenko, E
Pucheran, Jacques 1817-1894 (DesMurs) & Pucheran
Purdie, Alexander Callender 1824-1899 b. 25 Dec., 1824 Fenwick, Ayrshire, Scotland (Not a son of Dr William Purdie (1797-1876)). age 37 married Helen Christie at St. Andrews Scotland. 1860 came to Otago on the ship Pladda. d. 24 June, 1899, Cumberland St, Dunedin. Buried in the North Cemetery
Quoy, Jean Rene Constant 1790-1869 & Gaimard, Jean Paul
Putra,DD Putra, Dadang Dwi
Pyle, Peter
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