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Vahl, Martin (Martinus) Hendriksen (Henrichsen) 1749-1804
Valderrama, Sandra V.
Valenciennes, Achille 1794-1865
Vallinoto, Marcello
Valqui, Thomas
von Jordans, Adolf 1892-1974 Von Jordans, A b. 29 April, 1892 d. 23 May, 1974 NOTE: I employ the orthography with a capital letter to avoid confusion with the name as a subspecific epithet.
Van Marle, J.G.
van Rossem, A. J. 1892-1949 Van Rossem, A. J. Adriaan J. van Rossem Adriaan J. Van Rossem NOTE: I employ the orthography with a capital letter to avoid confusion with the name as a subspecific epithet. In addition this orthography is employed by others; see for example Palmer, T.S."Nomenclature of California Birds", 1928. Condor XXX:301
VanOort see Oort, Eduard Daniel van
Van Tyne, Josselyn 1902-1957
Vasconcelos, Marcelo Ferreria de
Vaurie, Charles 1906-1975 b. July 7, 1906 Beaulieu, Corrèze, France. moved to the United States early in life. NYU U.Penn. dentistry 1934 married Patricia Wilson d. May 13, 1975, Reading, PA. during exploratory surgery Vaurie, Weske & Terborgh
Verbelen, Philippe
Verheyen, René K. (Prof. Dr.) 1907-1961
Verreaux, Jean Baptiste Édouard 1810-1868
Verreaux, Joseph (Alexis) d 1868 Brother of Jules and Edouard lived in Cape Town.
Verreaux, Jules [Pierre] 1807-1873 Brother of Jean Baptiste Edouard, and Joseph Alexis Son of Edouard. Born: 24 August, 1807 Age 12 accompanied uncle, Delalande, to Cape of Good Hope. remaining 2 years. Return to Paris, studied at Paris Museum under G. Cuvier & I Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire. 1825 to Cape of Good Hope for 5 years, some with A. Smith. Brother Edouard joined him to help handle specimens. 1832 again summoned Edouard to join him. 1837 completed travels to Cochin-China and Philippines. Age 35 (?1842) again travelled to New Holland and Tasmania. In Paris worked at Maison Verreaux in teh Place Royale, and in the museum of the Jardin de Plantes. [extracted from Ibis Obit. pp.467-469] Verreaux,J & DesMurs Verreaux,J & Verreaux,E
Verrill, Alpheus Hyatt 1871-1954 [Note there are also A.E. Verrill and G.E. Verrill]
Vieillot, Louis Jean Pierre 1748-1830 Born Yvetot, France. Refuge in US during French Revolution. Died in poverty and obscurity in Sotteville-lès-Rouen 24 August 1830 Span of publication 1801-1825 (24 years) 558 taxa (Genera, sp. ssp.) ~1806 currently valid taxa published during that time Vieillot = 30.9% of currently valid taxa published during that period. Vieillot & Oudart
Vielliard, Jacques Jacques Vielliard, Doutor em Ecologia pela Sorbonne, iníciou em 1973 a gravação sistemática das vozes das aves do Brasil, constituindo na Academia Brasileira de Ciências a primeira coleção de sons da natureza. Em 1978, criou na UNICAMP o primeiro Laboratório de Bioacústica da América Latina e organizou, com o apoio do CNPQ, o Arquivo Sonoro Neotropical, hoje um dos maiores do mundo.
Vigors, Nicholas Aylward 1785-1840 Born, Ireland Peninsular War 1809-1811 MA Oxford 1818 Secy Zool. Soc. London 1826 MP Carlow Quinarian Vigors & Children Vigors & Horsfield
Villiers, A
Vincent, Jack (Col.) 1904-1999 Member of the Portugese East African Expedition. Died: 3 July, 1999
Vishnudas, C.K.
Voigt, Friedrich Siegmund 1781-1850
Vo Quy & DoNgocQuang
Voelker Gary
Voisin, J.F.
Voous, Karel Hendrik 1920-2002 Auk 122(1):355-356
Vorderman, Adolphe Guillaume 1844-1902
Vorobiev, K. A. Corrections and additions supplied by Rob C. H. M. Oudejans

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