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Handb.BirdsAustr. Handbook to The birds of Australia Gould, J. 1865 London 2 vols.
Handb.BirdsE.China A Handbook of the Birds of Eastern China (Chihli, Shantung, Kiangsu, Anhwei, Kiangsi, Chekiang, Fohkien and Kwantung Provinces) Author: La Touche, John David Digues de. Title: A handbook of the birds of eastern China (Chihle, Shantung, Kiangsu, Anhwei, Kiangsi, Chekiang, Fohkien, and Kwangtung provinces). / By J. D. D. La Touche ... Publisher: London, Taylor and Francis, 1925-1934. Description: 2 v. illus., plates, fold. maps. 24 cm. Notes: Issued in parts.
Handb.BirdsWorld Handbook of the Birds of the World Lynx Editions, Barcelona 1992-2013 v.1-16, Special Volume.
Handb.GameBirds A Hand-book to the Game Birds. Ogilvie-Grant, William Robert 1895,1897 London 2 vols. 8vo.
Handb.Jamaica The Handbook of Jamaica Kingston, Jamaica
Handb.Naturgesch. Handbuch der Naturgeschichte, &c. 2 Abth. pp. viii,xxvi, xii, 858 (1836) 1837 8vo Berlin
Handb.Naturgesch.Vog.Deutschl. Handbuch der Naturgeschichte aller Vogel Deutschlands... Brehm, CL 1831 Ilmenau pp.1,1085 [? Bock has xxiv + 1088 ]
Handb.spec.Orn. Handbuch der speciellen Ornithologie Reichenbach, Heinrich Gottlieb Ludwig 1851-54 Dresden and Leipzig portions published as: Icon.Syn.Av. Icones ad synopsin avium
Handb.Zool. Handbuch der Zoologie 2 Abth. Goldfuss, Georg August 1820 Nurnberg 8vo
Hand-BookGame-Birds A Hand-book to the Game Birds. Ogilvie-Grant, William Robert [1863-1924] 1895,97. London 8vo
Hand-listGen.Spec.Birds[Gray] Hand-list of genera and species of Birds, distinguishing those contained in the British Museum. Gray, G.R. 1869-71 London 3 pt. 8vo
Hand-listGen.Spec.Birds[Sharpe] A Hand-list of the genera and species of Birds. (Nomenclator Avium fossilum tum viventium.) Sharpe, RB. 1899-1909 London 5 vol. 8vo
HawaiianAlmanacAnnual["1879"] Hawaiian Almanac and Annual for 1879 [ All about Hawaii. The recognized book of authentic information on Hawaii, combined with Thrum's Hawaiian annual and standard guide. 1st. ed 1875. Title varies: 1875-1924, Hawaiian almanac and annual (on cover 1892-1924: Hawaiian annual). ] [ message from Luella Kurkjian luellak@bishop.bishop.hawaii.org to Storrs Olson 97.05.30 "Publication date for 1879 issue is 1878. Acutally, no publication date is included anywhere in this or previous issues. However, at the bottom fo p.32 is the following: "The Alamnac and Annual is made up to November, to be issue in tome for the December mails..." ]
Hist.Acad.R.Sci.Paris Histoire de l'Academie Royale des Sciences, ... Avec les Memoires de Mathematique & de Physique, pour la meme Anne, Tires des Registres de cette Academie. 1789 A Paris, De l'Imprimerie Royale. Desfontaines' Memoires sur QuelQues Nouvelles Especes D'Oiseaux Des Cotes De Barbarie
Hist.BirdsEur. A History of the Birds of Europe, not observed in the British Isles. 2nd Ed. Bree, Charles Robert [1811-1886] 1875-1876 London 4to [Issued in monthly parts (? possibly only 1sted. ?]
Hist.Brit.Birds A history of British Birds, with coloured illustrations of their eggs. Seebohm, Henry 1882-5 London 4 vols. 4to R. H. Porter [?1883-5] I 1883 II 1884 III 1885 IV 1885 (Plates) [imprint dates from Yale Orn. Libr. copy 2003.11.07]
Hist.Brit.Birds[MacGillivray] A history of British Birds, indigenous and migratory: including their organization, habits, and relations. MacGillivray, William [1796-1852] 1837-40 London 3 vols. 8vo.
Hist.Brit.Foss.Mamm.Birds A history of British fossil mammals, and birds. Owen, Richard 1846 London 23 cm pp.xlvi+560 illust. woodcuts
Hist.Chile[Gay] Historia fisica, y politica de Chile, &c Gay, Claude [1800 - 1873] 1844-71 Santiago, Paris
Hist.IlesCanariesOrn. Histoire naturelle des Îles Canaries. Ornithologie Canarienne. Webb, Philip Barker & Berthelot, Sabin 1835-44 Paris Vol II. by above authors and Alfred Moquin-Tandon 3 vols and atlas 4to and folio


Avian taxon names from this work are variably attributed to: 2006.04.10

Hist.IslaCuba[Sagra] Historia fisica, politica y natural de la Isla de Cuba, por d. Ramon de la Sagra ... Sagra, Ramon de la [1801-71] Paris 13 vols A. Bertrand. [ Also as Histoire physique, politique et naturelle de ;ile de Cuba. 1839-1856 Sagra, Ramon de le 13 vols. Paris ]
Hist.N.Am.Birds[Baird,Brewer,Ridgway] A history of North American birds. Baird, SF, Brewer, TM, and Ridgway, R. 3 vol. 4to pp. xxviii,596, vi;(4), 590, vi;(4), 560, xxviii. 1874 Boston Little, Brown and Co.
Hist.Nat. SEE ZwierzatDomowych.
See Richmond CW. 1899 "On the Date of Lacépède's ‘Tableaux.’" Auk 16:325-329. He states (p.325):
	'The "Didot" edition, in 18mo, is said to consist of 76 volumes, dating from 1799 to 1806; 
	the genera, Mr. Sherborn states, are to be credited to Lacépède, and the species
	to Daudin.'

Hist.Nat.[Buffon]ed.Lacepede Histoire Naturelle par Buffon dediee au citoyen Lacepede [by whom this edition was edited] 1799-1809 76 Tom. Paris [ Note: under Ploceus [Loxia] baglafecht, CWR notes: "Loxia baglafecht (Daudin) Buffon, Histoire Naturelle, Vol. 14, p.245, 1799. (Listed in vol 14, as "20. Lebaglefecht. Loxia baglefecht, Tome VI, p.191"). Note: The description, habits, etc., appear on pp. 191-192 in Vol. 6 of the above edition. However, the scientific name appears in the _index_ Vol. 14 as quoted above." ] [ Peters lists this as "Quad." which would imply the "Quadrupedes" which is 14 Vol. It seems more likely that it is in "Oiseaux", which is in 18 Vols. but both Daudin and Lacepede did work in Quad. and the volume includes a "Tableau des divisions ... des Mammiferes (-Oiseaux)" which may be the "index" that the Richmond Cardex refers to. ] [Note: Richmond CW. 1899. "On the Date of Lacédède's 'Tableaux'". Auk 16:325-329 Seems to suggest Ploceus baglafect should be 1800 ? (very confusing).] [Note: see also CWR DOP B297.jpg also suggesting 1800 for livr.14]
Hist.Nat.Cetacees Histoire naturelle des cétacées, par le citoyen La Cepéde. 1804 Paris
Hist.Nat.Colibris,Suppl.Ois.-Mouch. Histoire naturelle des colibris, suivie d'un supplement a l'histoire naturelle des oiseaux-mouches. Lesson, RP 1830-2 13 (?14) pts. Paris 8vo pp.10+196
Hist.Nat.Corrientes Historia Natural, Corrientes
Hist.Nat.Jap. Historiae naturalis in Japonia statu Siebold,PF 1824 Leyden
Hist.Nat.Madagascar.Ois. Histoire physique, naturelle et politique de Madagascar Milne-Edwards A, and Grandidier A 1875-1890 4to Vol. XII to XV: Tom.I pp.779; Tom.II-IV 208 pls. Zimmer discusses this complex work in detail (pp.264-265). The text portion was issued in three parts: pp. 1-176; 1879 pp.177-376; 1882 (Feb. or more probably later). pp.377-779; 1885 [ Dieter Schierenberg Cat. gives 1875-1885 and gives Vols. 12-15: Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux with text and 3 atlases. ]
Hist.Nat.Mamm. Histoire naturelle des mammifères, avec l'indication de leurs moeurs, et de leurs rapports avec les arts, le commerce et l'agriculture. Gervais, Paul 1854-55 Paris 2 vols. illust.
Hist.Nat.Mamm.Ois.[Lesson] Histoire naturelle generale et particuliere des Mammiferes et des Oiseaux decouverts depuis 1788 jusqu'a nos jours. Lesson, RP 1828-37 Paris 8vo 10 Tom. illust. col.
Hist.Nat.Mendoza [Status of Journal uncertain. ? Notas del Museo / Museo de Historia Natural de San Rafael-Mendoza ]
Hist.Nat.Ois.Am.Sept. Histoire naturelle des oiseaux de l'Amerique septontrionale.. Vieillot, LJP 1807-09 Paris. 2 vols.
[Much (but apparently not quite enough) work has been done to determine the dates of this work.

Hist.Nat.Ois.[LeMaout] Histoire naturelle des oiseaux, suivant la classification de M. Isisdore Geoffroy-Saint-Hilaire, avec l'indication de leurs moeurs, et de leurs raports avec les art, le commerce et l'agriculture. Le Maout, Jean Emmanuel Marie [ 1800-77] 1853 Paris 2 p. l., xivii,425,[3] p. front. illus 34 pl. L. Curmer
Hist.Nat.Ois.[Loche] Title: Histoire naturelle des Oiseaux / par Le Commandant Loche. Main author: Loche, Victor, 1806-1863 Added title page: Histoire naturelle des Oiseaux de l'Algérie Added title page: Oiseaux Publisher info: Paris : Arthus Bertrand, 1867. Physical descrip: 2 vols ([iii], 309; 444p, 13 leaves of plates) ; 38 cm Series: (Exploration scientifique de l'Algérie pendant les années 1840, 1841, 1842. Sciences physiques. Zoologie ; [4]) Bibliog./Index note: Table méthodique des mammif`eres et des oiseaux, p.412-444
Hist.Nat.Ois.-Mouches[Lesson] Histoire naturelle des Oiseaux-Mouches, ouvrage orne de planches dessinees et gravees pars les medilleurs artistes, et dedie Lesson, Rene Primevere Paris 1829-30 1829-30 Paris
Hist.Nat.Ois.-Mouches[Mulsant&Verreaux] Histoire naturelle des Oiseaux-Mouches, ou colibris constituant la famille des Trochildes Mulsant, Etienne & Verreaux, Edouard 1873?-78 4 vol. 4to Lyon. issued as 16 livraisons 1-4 1873-4 5-8 1875-6 9-12 1876-7 13-16 1877-8 supplement 1879
Hist.Nat.Ois.Parad. Histoire naturelle des Oiseaux de Paradis et des Epimaques; &c. Lesson, R.P. 1834-35 Paris p.1-34 Synopsis pp.1-248 " Prob. 16 pts. 1-4 (pp.1-64) 1834; 5-7 (pp.65-112) 1835 "
Hist.Nat.Pig.Gallin. Histoire naturelle generale des pigeons et des gallinaces. Accompagne de planches anatomiques. Temminck, CJ [1770-1858] 1813-15 Amsterdam 3 vol. 8vo
Hist.Nat.Tangaras Histoire naturelle des tangaras, des manakins et des todiers... Desmarest, Anselme-Gaëtan 1805-(1807) folio Paris. Zimmer (p.167) notes that Sherborn (Index Animalium Sect.2 Pt I p.XLLIII, 1922) cites Livrs. 1-4 1805 Livrs. 5-10 1806 Livrs. 11-12 1807
Hist.Nat.Trochil. Histoire naturelle des Trochilidae (Synopsis et catalogue) Simon, Eugene Louis 1921 Paris 4to pp.6+416
Hoch.Nordl.Deutsch-Ost-Afrika Die mittleren Hochla:nder des no:rdlichen Deutsch-Ost-Afrika. Wissenschaftliche Ergebnisse der Irangi-Expedition 1896-1897 nebst kurzer Reisebeschreibung. Im Auftrage der Irnagi-Gesellschaft herasusgegaben von dem Fu:her der Expedition. ... Werther, C. Waldemar [1867 - ??] 1898 Berlin H. Paetel. 493,[4] p.126 il. 7 pl. 2 maps in pocket.
Hornero El Hornero Revista de la Sociedad Ornitologica del Plata Para el Estudio Y Protección de las aves De la Argentina y Paises Vecinos v. 1- 1917/19- Buenos Aires, Asociacion Ornitologica del Plata. NOTES: Vols. 1-9 issued by the association under its earlier name, Sociedad Ornitologica del Plata.
HummingBird The Humming Bird. A Monthly Scientific, Artistic and Industrial Review. Adolphe Boucard ed.1891-5 London Vol. II. No. 1 Jan., 1892 Vol. II. No. 2-12 Feb-Dec., 1892 (no.'s monthly) Vol. III. No. 1 Mar., 1893 Vol. III. No. 2 Jun., 1893 Vol. III. No. 3 Sep., 1893 Vol. III. No. 4 Dec., 1893 Vol. IV. No.1 Mar., 1894 Vol. IV. No.2 Jun., 1894 Vol. IV. No.3 Sep., 1894 Vol. IV. No.4 Dec., 1894 Vol. V. No.1 Mar., 1895 Vol. V. No.2 Jun., 1895 Vol. V. No.3 Sep., 1895 Vol. V. No.4 Dec., 1895 [finis]
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