Zoological Citation Sources --L

LahoreYarkand[Henderson&Hume] Lahore to Yarkand. Incidents of the route and natural history of the countries traversed. Henderson, George & Hume, Allan Octavian 1873 London
LeconsdAnat.Comp. Lecons d'anatomie comparee de M. G. Cuvier, Recueillies et publiees sous ses yeux, par C. Dumeril et Duvernoy 1800 Paris
LehrbuchNaturgesch. Okens Lehrbuch der Naturgeschichte Oken, Lorenz Leipzig & Jena 3 Thl. [in 6 vol.] 8vo Thl. III Abth. 2 1816
LehrbuchNaturgesch.[Brehm] Lehrbuch der Naturgeschichte aller Europaischen Vogel. Brehm, Christian Ludwig [1787-1964] 1823-24 Jena 2 Thl. 8vo
LeNat. LeNat.(2) Le Naturaliste Paris Le Naturaliste. Publisher Paris : Bureaux à Paris, 1879-1910. Description 27 v. : ill. ; 32 cm. Frequency Semi-monthly. Coverage No. 1 (1. avr. 1879)-no. 66 (15. déc. 1881); 2. vol., no. 1 (janv. 1882)-; 2. sér., no. 1 (1887)- Note Subtitle: Journal des échanges et des nouvelles, 1879-<1884>; Revue illustrée des sciences naturelles, 1887-1910. Issues for 1879-<1884> also called 1.-<6.> année; for 1887-1909 also called: 9.-24. année. First ser. published 1879-1887; 2nd ser., published 1887-1910. Each vol. paged continuously. Vol. numbering irregular: 2. sér., année 22-24 (1908-1910) called année 22. [Note: the 1889 volume states Appears on the 1st and 15th of every month.
Leopoldina Dresden. General note: Heft 2-6 appeared in "Nova Acta". Corporate name: Academia Caesarea Leopoldino-Carolina Naturae Curiosorum
LesFig.Plant.Anim.UsageMedecine Les figures des plantes et animaux d'usage en médecine, dé dans la Matiére Médicale de Mr. Geoffroy médicin, dessinés d'apreés nature. Gravé par Mrs. Defehrt, Prevost, Duflos, Martinet &c. Niquet script. [Tome 5]. [4], index 20 pp., pls. 644-729. Paris [1764]
LesPigeons[Knip] Les pigeons ... Temminck [Knip] 1808-1811 See Zimmer, and Browning&Monroe for discussions of dates of publ. Richmond Index seems to lack any Les Pigeons entries [!?] The unpublished notes on dates of Publication has one card that indicates in a List of New Works, Bibl. France Mch 7, 1812 Livr.: 11,12,13,14,15, et dernières (the last). "In fol. de 58 feuilles et demie de texte, plus 27 planches. Imp. de Mame. Chaque livraison coûte. 40 - 0."
LesPigeons.ed.2 Les pigeons ... Temminck [Knip] Prevost. 2 vols Paris 1838-1843? Note: The first vol. is a reprint, with alterations. The second volume is new.
LesTrochilidees Les Trochilidees; ou, Les Colibris et les Oiseaux-Mouches, suivis d'un index general dans lequel sont decrits et classes methodiquement toutes les races et especes du genre Trochilus. Lesson 1832-1833 issued in 14 livraisons
to quote Zimmer (p.389):
	"There is a difference of authorities as to dates of publication.
	The work was issued in 14 livraisons. Englemann gives 1832-33 as
	dates of issue; Coues cites only 1832; the Library of the British
	Museum (Natural History), quoting from the 'Bibliographie de la 
	France' assigns Livrs. 1-7 to 1832 and the rest of the book to 1833;
	the title-page of the 'Index' of the work in question bears the date
	1832 (probably in the 11th or 12th livr.), while the author's preface
	is dated December 1831. .... Sherborn says ... 'Pp.1-112, 1832;
	113-172, & pls. I-XLIII, 1833' ".
The title page of the Index reads:
	"Index Général et Synoptique des Oiseaux du Genre Trochilus"
and has Roman numeral pagination. (Of interest to me the Roman numeral pagination employs the sytle of using "J" or "j" for the ultimate position where I would expect an "i". Thus eleven is "xj" not "xi", and so forth).

Coues (1879) dates the entirety of this work to 1832.

Coues' discussion (p.664) of Lesson's works on hummers is of interest, a portion reads:

	  These three books may be found bound in different ways: generally, with text of all three
	together, and plates in three separate vols. Index Général belongs to "Trochilidées", as per
	title of the latter, but is separately titled and paged. There are in the whole series 86+66+
	66=218 plates, but only about 110 species are treated. There are both plain and colored
	issues of the plates -- both together in the copy examined.
	  These three books are hard to get the hang of; the titles are so curiously mixed up that
	there is endless confusion in citing them, especially at second-hand. The three separate
	series are perfectly distinct works, bibliographically speaking, yet represent a single mono-
	graph of the Hummers, with titles enough alike to be confusing, yet not different enough to
	be distinctive until they are studied out. The following summary may therefore be useful:
		LESS., "Ois.-Mouch., pp. i-xlvj, 1-233, pll. 1-48 bis., 49-85 (86 plates). Date, 1829
		LESS., "Colibris et Suppl. Ois.-Mouch., pp. i-x, 1-196 (Colibris, p.1-90; Suppl. O.-M.,
		  pp. 91-192). Colibris, pll.1-12, 12bis., 13bis. 14-25. Suppl. O.-M.., pll.1-39 (66 plates in
		  the two series). Date, 1830-'31.
		LESS., "Trochilidées,". pp. i-iv, 1-171, pll. 1-66.  Date, 1832.
		Index Général, pp.i-xliij, no plates. Date, 1832.
	  Lesson's work on the Hummers is notable as one of the earliest extensive monographies
	of this extraordinary family of birds, being only preceeded byt that of Audebert and Vieillot.
	It treats, however, of only about one-third of the species now known, and its claims as a con-
	tribution to science are not of the highest. The plates are finely finished, being good work
	of this French kind, and when colored become very pretty pictures; but the technic of the 
	work, as already hinted, is of moderate merit. Many new species and several new genera are
	named, and various species are renamed even when the author knew and cited their prior
	designations -- a reprehensible habit which Lesson not seldom indulged.
	  It appears from Rev.Zool., iii, 1840, p.71, that Lesson intended to publish a fourth vol., but
	it remained ined.
Daria Wingreen of the Colman Library at the Smithsonian Institution looked into the structure of this work for me -- analyzing the structure from the on-line copy at http://gallica.bnf.fr/ She writes (2004.06.18).
I analyzed the copy online and here's are the component parts I found:

[1leaf],      i-iv,      i-xlviii,      pg. 1-168,    169-171   
title page,   preface,   Index Gen.,    text,      table (page index)

The bibliographer's "formula" for the collation of the copy online at Gallica, 
ie. the signature formula, is below.  
The numbers in rounded parenthesis indicate the number of leaves per signature. 

[1 leaf], a(2), a-e(4)f(2), 1-10(8)11(4), [unsigned leaves(2)] 

This formula may be interpreted as such:  

The leaf in the beginning is the title page.  
	The title page could have been printed from anywhere between 1831 and 1833.  
	In my opinion it most likely was printed in 1832 or 1833, since it mentions 
	the "Index General", and was most likely issued in 1833 as a cover page for 
	all livrasons once assembled together.  
	(Incidentally, I have requested on ILL a copy of the prepublication prospectus.  
	I will let you know if that turns anything up.) 

The first signature with the lowercase "a" includes the preface pages i-iv 
(one signature of 2 leaves).  
	Since the preface is dated 1831 with a reference in the last paragraph to 1833, 
	it was most likely printed in 1832 as Coues and many others assume, 
	but was printed separately from the "Index General".   

The second grouping of lower case signatures, sig. a-f, is the "Index General".  
Sigs. a-e consist of 4 leaves each (i.e. 8 pages; 8 pgs. X 5 sigs. = 40 pgs.).  
Sig. f consists of 2 leaves (i.e. 4 pgs.).  
	Since signature "a" often starts a significant text page, 
	the "a" marking at the bottom of the page is often omitted, as was done here.  
	Since sig. b is proceed by 8 leaves, or, 16 pages, it is implied that the title 
	page of the "Index General" is the first leaf of sig. a.  
	Because the Index General does not refer to any pages within the text, 
	you may rest assured that the information in it was indeed published in 1832 
	as the title page states.  

The numbered signatures as you know are the text proper.  
Sigs. 1-10 (each in 8 leaves/16 pages), and sig. 11 (4 leaves/8 pages).  
	Zimmer (contrary to Coues) indicates that Livraisons 8-14 (pg. 113-172) 
	were likely issued in 1833.  Based on bibliographic evidence alone, 1833 seems possible 
	since there is a definite difference between the sigs. 1-7, and 8-11 
	(as you noticed, sig. 1-7 have a period following the number, while sig. 8-11 do not).  
	However, such an assumption without further investation, i.e. checking paper quality, 
	or checking the paper for watermarks, is not possible since we do not have an actual copy 
	before us. 
	I personally think Zimmer is correct, since there are so many other sources that cite 1833 
	as the end publication date. 

The Table following the text is numbered in sequence with the text, pg. 169-171, but is unsigned.  
Since it is the table of contents (or index, as it has come to be called) that includes page 
numbers referred to within the text, we can assume it was not printed at the same time as the text.  
It was printed afterwards, as indexes often are. If we continue on with Zimmer's assumption on an 
1833 end publication date, then I would surmise the table of contents was printed and issued in 1833.
Edward Dickinson has further investigated these works, and has examined the copies used by CDS (Sherborn) in his work on these publications. The part of his communication on this (2005.02.12) is as follows:
 I.  In each of these three works there is a small bound insert written and signed by Sherborn.


 III. I spent most time working on "Les Trochilidées" because it seemed to me 
 that our problems are all in this. CDS has dates and page numbers for every one of 
 the 13 livraisons with no groupings. They are:
livraison pages. Date Month. Year
1 1-16 May 1832
2 -32 July 1832
3 -48 July 1832
4 -64 Oct. 1832
5 -80 Nov. 1832
6 -96 Dec. 1832
7 -112 Dec. 1832
8 -128 Feb. 1833
9 -144 Apr. 1833
10 -172 Aug. 1833
11 i-xvi Aug. 1833
12 xvii-xxxii Sep. 1833
13 xxxiii-xliii Dec. 1833
Comments: you will have realised/remembered that pp.i-xliii comprise the Index Général et Synoptique and that this has a title page dated 1832 (on which someone has lightly pencilled 1833). I was pretty certain that CDS would have found these dates in the Bibliographie de France and so I retraced his steps (just as I did for Lesson's Traité d'Orn. following the trails laid, I thought, by Mathews, but I now bet that somewhere we shall find that CDS did that for Mathews) and here is what I found:
Bibliographie de France details per livraison
livraison Entry No. Page Issue/Year Publ. date of BDF issue Plates rept'd
1 2431 284 20/1832 19 May 1832 5
2 3523 412 29/1832 21 July 1832 5
3 4484 523 37/1832 15 Sep. 1832 5
4 5143 604 42/1832 20 Oct. 1832 5
4. 5143 604 42/1832 20 Oct. 1832 5 5. 5515 649 45/1832 10 Nov. 1832 5 6. 6086 712 49/1832 8 Dec. 1832 5 7. 6334 743 51/1832 22 Dec. 1832 5 8. 1061 126 8/1833 23 Feb. 1833 9. 2022 236 15/1833 13 April 1833 10. 4172 484 31/1833 3 August 1833 11. 4447 516 33/1833 17 August 1833 12. 5262 610 39/1833 28 Sept. 1833 13. 6874 805 51/1833 21 December 1833 Comments: a) I find I did not note down the number of plates per issue in 1833, but I think it will have been 5 each right to the end -- except there is one extra in there somewhere as the total was advertised as 66 plates (with which Zimmer agreed); b) Zimmer was economical with the truth about the information in the British Museum, and so probably did not see Sherborn's detailed notes with pagination given (perhaps he drew on the published BM library catalogue of about 1903 -- which I did not check); c) There is nothing within the entries in the Bibl. de France to show the pagination of any of the livraisons. CDS must either have got that information from elsewhere or he guessed. Based on how he displayed the data compared to that which he displayed for the "Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux Mouches" I believe that he did not guess! CDS, like CWR, was too precise a bibliographer to do that. It follows that 1832 on the title page to the Index is misleading. Again the plates only have French vernacular names.

Lett.adresseePander Lettre adressee ... de la Soc.Imp. nat. Moscou a ... Pander Fischer von Waldheim, Gotthelf, 1771-1853. TITLE: Lettre adressee au nom de la Societe imperiale des naturalistes de Moscou, a l'un de ses membres M. le docteur Chretien-Henri Pander ... contenant une notice sur un nouveaux genre d'oiseau et sur plusieurs nouveaux insectes. PLACE: Moscou, PUBLISHER: Auguste Semen, YEAR: 1821 PUB TYPE: Book FORMAT: 15 p. NOTES: Includes Catalogus animalium in itinere inde ab Orenburg ad Bokaram usque collectorum. Pander is Christian Heinrich Pander [1794-1865]
LexiconParrots Lexicon of Parrots Arndt, Thomas. Arndt Verlag, Bretten. Parts. 1-8
LexikonPapageien Lexicon der Papageien (German edition of above) Arndt, Thomas. Arndt Verlag, Bretten. Parts. 1-8 Supplement 1. 1999
Limosa Publisher [Wageningen, etc.] Nederlandse Ornithologische Unie [etc.] Description v. ill. 25 cm. Frequency Four no. a year. Kees Roselaar communicates (2009.02.10) that 'The heading of the first page [p.337] of the issue 4 of Limosa vol. 22, reads in print: "Jaargang 22, 1949, No 4, verschenen [=appeared] Februari 1950" Thus, all birds described as new in this issue should be dated 1950, viz: p. 348 Turdinus macrodactylus beauforti subsp. nov. [Voous] p. 351 Turdinus maroratus grandior subsp. nov. [Voous] p. 370 Saxicola rubetra hesperophila subsp. nov. [Clancey]'
ListAnim.GardensZool.Soc.London [Not found in Nat.UnionCat under Vigors, or "List of Animals.."]
ListBirdsBrit.India A list of the birds of British India Skinner, ER 1905 Kent 8vo pp.44 St.Mary Cray
ListBirdsBrit.Mus. List of the ... Birds in the ... British Museum Gray, GR 1844-67 London 12vo 5 pt. in 8 Vol. Pt 1 Accipitres pp.viii,54 1844 1 --Second ed. pp.vii, 120 1848 2 Fissirostres pp.80 1848 3 Gallinae, Gralle, Anseres pp.209 1844 3 Sec.1 Ramphastidae pp.16 1855 3 Sec.2 Psittacidae pp.110 1859 3 Sec.3,4 Captionidae & Piciade pp.137 1868 4 Columbae pp.73 1856 5 Gallinae pp.iv,120 1867
ListBirdsMamms.SteereExped. A list of the birds and mammals collected by the Steere expedition to the Phillippines, with localities, and with brief prelimnary descritpions of supposed new species, by J.B. Steere ... Steere, Joseph Beal [1842- ] 1890 Ann Arbor, MI Courier office, printers.
ListDiurnalBirdsPrey A list of the diurnal birds of prey, with references and annotations; also a record of specimens preserved in the Norfolk and Norwich Museum. / By John Henry Gurney. Gurney, J. H. (John Henry), 1819-1890 Publisher: London, J. Van Voorst, 1884. Description: xv, 187 p. 23 cm. Added Author: Norwich Castle Museum
ListGen.Birds A list of the genera of birds, with an indication of the typical species of each genus. Gray, GR 1840 London Title page Richmond's List of Errata #1 Richmond's List of Errata #2
ListGen.BirdsEd.2 A list of the genera of birds, with their synonyma and with an indication of the typical species of each genus. 2nd. ed. Gray, GR 1841 London CWR in unpublished notes indicates that this was
  1. 'Listed in "new books" in Nov. 1841 issue of Philos. Mag. 414'
  2. 'Rev. in Rev.Zool., Mch 1842, 84"
[? note: this capitalization of "Ed" is the only instance (plus below). so it is a candidate for lower case, but this would make it less readable, or require the use of a "." after a non-abbreviated word. ? alternatively Capitlalize all?]
ListGen.BirdsEd.2Appendix A list of the genera of birds, with their synonyma and with an indication of the typical species of each genus. 2nd. ed. Appendix Gray, GR 1842 London
ListNewGuineaBirds List of New Guinea Birds. A systematic and faunal list of the birds of New Guinea and adjacent islands... Mayr, E 1941 New York pp.xi,206
ListSpecimensBirdsBrit.Mus. List of the specimens of birds in the collection of the British Museum ... Gray, George Robert 1844-48 London 4v in 1.
Lit.Gaz. The Literary Gazette London [see Bruce MD, McAllan, IA. 1990. Boll.Mus.Reg.Sci.Nat. Tor. Vol 8(2). ]
LondonMed.Repos. The London medical repository.
LouisianaDept.ConservationBull. Louisiand Department of Concervation Bulletin
Lozania Publisher Bogotá, [Instituto de Ciencias Naturales, Universidad Nacional de Colombia] 1952- 1-55 -> 1952-1988 -> Alt. title: Acta zoologica colombiana.
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