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Haagner, Alwin Karl 1880-1962 S Africa Died 15 Sept 1962 Obit: Ostrich 33(4):56.
Hablizl, Carl Ludwig 1752-1821 Hablitz (also as Hablitzl), Carl (Karl) Ludwig (von)
Hachisuka, Masauji (Masa Uji), marquis 1903-1953 Masauji, 18th Marquis Hachisuka, Ph.D. Sc.D. Japan Born: Feb. 15, 1903 Tokyo, Japan. Pursued biological studies at Cambridge, England. Married: March 7, 1939 to Chiye Negamine of Los Angeles. d. 1953 Atami Hachisuka & Delacour
Hadden, Don
Haffer, Jürgen --2010
Hagen, Yngvar 1909-1993 Bio. sketch
Hahn, Carl Wilhelm 1786-1835 d. 7 Oct., 1835 Hahn & Kuster, Heinrich Carl Küster, Heinrich Carl 1807-1876
Hale, WG
Hall, Robert 1867-1949 Australia
Hall, B. P. (Mrs). 1917-x (Macdonald) & Hall, B.P.
Haring,E Haring, Elisabeth
Harvey, Michael G.
Harms, Michael 1878-1941 Estonian (so eponymous taxa should not be "haermsi") b. 8 Feb 1878 Alt-Korola, Kr. Werro (Estonia) d. 9 Sep 1941 Dorpat, Estonia
Harcourt, Edward William Vernon 1825-1891 Gr. Br.
Hardwicke, Thomas (General) 1756-1835 d. The Lodge, Lambeth 3 March 1835
Hargitt, Edward 1835-1895 Born: May 3, 1835; Edinburgh, Scotland. Died: March 19, 1895; Edinburgh, Scotland. aged 60 Br. Mus.
Harington, Col Herbert Hasting 1868-1916 Edinburgh [ HH Harington Birds of Burma 1909 ]
Harper, Francis 1886-1972 Born Southbridge, Massachusetts, 17 November, 1886. 1914: A.B., Cornell University; joins field expedition to the Great Slave Lake region 1925: Ph.D. in vertebrate zoology, Cornell University 1925-1929: secretary, editor and curator of mammals and fishes, Boston Society of Natural History Dies Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 17 November, 1972. (Murphy) & Harper
Harms, M. Härms , Michael 1878-1941
Harrell, Byron Eugene 1924-2010 b. St. Paul, Minn. d. Island Hospital, San Juan Isl., WA Jan 10, 2010
Harris, Edward 1799-1863
Harris,JBC Harris, J. Berton C.
Harrison,JM Harrison, James M.
Harrison, Peter
Harrisson, Tom H. b. 1911 Harrison, Tom H. & Marshall Alan John 1911-1967
Hartert, Ernst Johann Otto 1859-1933 Died Nov. 11, 1933 A prodigious worker. My calculations indicate that during the span of his publishing life (taxa published from 1890 to 1937) He described 1134 taxa, of these 259 are now held as currently valid. By comparison during this same span only Mathews published more names (1542) of which a much smaller proportion are now recognized as valid (101). Of the bird taxa published in this span, Hartert published .06% (Mathews 0.08%). Of currently valid taxa Hartert published 8%, and Mathews 3%. My list of current (2016.07.23) taxa named for Hartert is as follows: Hartert & Butler Hartert, Ernst & Hartert, Claudia Hartert & Neumann Hartert & Paludan Hartert & Steinbacher (Berlepsch) & Hartert (Rothschild), Hartert, & Kleinschmidt
Harting, James Edmund 1841-1928 [NOTE: James Edward Fotheringham Harting [1884-1913] ]
Hartlaub, Gustav (Carl Johann Gustav) 1814-1900 Publishing span (currently valid taxa) 1841 1899 [2011.02.05] Born: Bremen Dies: Nov 20, 1900 Hartlaub & Finsch (Finsch) & Hartlaub
Hartley, C.H.
Hartmann,R Hartmann, Robert 1832-1893 b. Oct. 8, 1832 Blankenburg (Harz). d. Apr. 20, 1893 Potsdam-Babelsburg
Hartwig, Waldemar. 1851-1901
Haryoko, Tri
Hawker, Richard Mcdonnell 1865-1930 Obit. Ibis 1931:360
Hawkins, A. F. A. = Frank Hawkins
Hay, Arthur, 9th Marquis of Tweedale, viscount Walden, 1824-1878 See also: Tweeddale Walden Note: Capt. W.E. Hay published in J.Asiat.Soc.Bengal in 1841 (Genus Bombycistoma).
Heck Heck, Johann Georg Heck
Heermann, Adolphus (L.) 1818-1865 Born: Probably South Carolina about 1827 M.D. degree Univ. Maryland. 1846 Probably crossed the Rockies with Fremont 1843. Died: Sept. 2, 1865 San Antonio, Tx. Evidently stumbled and fell while collecting; his gun going off and killing him. (ref. Hume. 1942. Ornithologists of the United States Army Medical Corps. pp.190-205)
Heine, Ferdinand (junior) 1840-1920 b. 1840.10.09 Halberstadt d. 1920.02.12 Hadmerslaben (Kr. Wanzleben)
Heine, Ferdinand (senior) 1809-1894 b. 1809.03.09 Halberstadt d. 1894.03.28 St. Burchard vor Halberstadt Heine&Reichenow (Cabanis) & Heine
Heineken, C. M.D.
Paul Davis writes (2006.10.07):
	I have found some info regarding a Heineken that lived on Madeira at 
	the appropriate time. He was a naturalist and physician who lived in Madeira from 1826 until 
	his death (variously given as 1829 or (probably the correct date) January 4, 1830) 
	He was most likely German.  One source referred to him as English. 
	Strangely enough that is the source that I trust the most regarding his date of death. 
	His first name is variously given as follows:
It is possible that he signed some of his correspondence using the 
	Spanish/Portugese form of his name "Carlos" rather than the German "Karl".

The Richmond Index lists the author of this taxon as "C. Heineken, M.D."
	Charles/Carl/Carlos/Karl Heineken, M.D.

Heinrich, G.H. [? Heinrich, G.D. ?]
Heinroth, Oskar 1871-1945 Berlin
Hekstra, Gerrit Paulus 1933-
Helgig, Andreas J.
Heller, Edmund 1875-1939 Director of the Milwaukee Zoo Director of the San Francisco Zoo Edmund Heller born Freeport, Illinois on 21 May, 1875. 1888 moved with his parents to Riverside, CA 1896 Stanford (A.B. 1901). Joined Hopkins-Stanford Expedition 1898. With Robert E. Snodgrass, spent 7 months in the Galapagos islands. Joined the Field Columbian Museum, worked in California, Oregon, Lower California, Mexico and Guatemala. 1907 accompanied Carl Ethan Akeley on the Field Museum's African expedition. Appointed curator of mammals at the MVZ, participated in the 1908 Alexander Alaskan. Spent 1909-1912 with the Smithsonian-Roosevelt and Rainey African Expeditions. 1914 accompanied Lincoln Ellsworth expedition to the Dease River-Telegraph Creek area of British Columbia and to Alberta. 1915 joined National Geographic Society and Yale University sponsored an expedition to Peru. 1916 joined Roy Chapman Andrews and Yvette Borup Andrews on AMNH Expedition to China. 1918 with Paul J. Rainey traveled by rail across Siberia to the Ural Mountains and back. 1919 Smithsonian Cape-to-Cairo Expedition. 1928-1935 director of the Milwaukee Zoological Garden. 1935 until 1939 was director of the Fleishhacker Zoo in San Francisco.
Hellmayr, Charles E. (Carl Eduard) 1878-1944 b. 29 Jan., 1878 d. 24 Feb., 1944 Hellmayr & Conover, H. Boardman 1892-1950 Hellmayr & Madarasz Hellmayr & Seilern
Hemery Hémery
Hemprich, Friedrich Wilhelm 1796-1825 & Ehrenberg Zimmer, 1926. p.204 notes that Hemprich died in the field during the expedition (1820-1825).
Henry, Thomas Charles 1825-1877 US Army
Henshaw, Henry Wetherbee 1850-1930 Mar 3, 1850: born Cambridgeport, MA descendant of Mayflower families. Friend of William Brewster, S.F. Baird, , and Maj. J-W Powell. Nominated both his predecessor and successor as Head of the Biol. Survey. Aug 1, 1930: dies Washington, D.C.
Hering,J Hering, Jehs
Hermann (Herrmann), Johann (Johan) Bernhard 1738-1800 Prof. Medicine at Univ. Strasbourg
Hernandez-Camacho Jorge Ignacio Hernández-Camacho Hernandez, Jorge Hernandez-Camacho Hernandez Camacho Hernändez Camacho
Herremans, Marc
Herzog, Sebastian K.
Hesse, Erich 1874-1945
Heude, Pierre Marie, S.J. 1836-1902
Heuglin, Martin Theodor von 1824-1876
Heynen, Iris
Hilgert, Carl 1866-1940 b. 21 June, 1866 Ingelheim d. 17 Jan., 1940 Mainz
Hilsenberg, Carl (Karl, Charles) Theodor 1802-1824
Hilty, Steven L.
Hinkelmann, C.
Hiraldo, F. Hiraldo, Fernando
Hitchcock, Warren Billingsly 1919-1984 Born: 18 December 1919 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Died: 16 March 1984. Born Ashfield, New South Wales, 18 December 1919. Died Auckland, New Zealand, 16 March 1984. Educated Universities of Adelaide (Zoology and Geology to 1940) and Tasmania (1946-49, but did not graduate). 1940-1945 :War service in the Citizen Military Forces and Australian Imperial Forces in the Northern Territory, New Guinea and New Britain Reaching rank of Lieutenant in the LHQ Cipher Replacement Section; Scientific Cadet, South Australian Museum 1938; Temporary Assistant in Zoology, Tasmanian Museum 1945-46; Ornithologist, National Museum of Victoria 1949-54; Field Biologist, Animal Industry Branch, Northern Territory Administration, Alice Springs 1954-57; Secretary, Birdbanding Scheme, CSIRO Wildlife Survey Section (later Division of Wildlife and Ecology), Canberra 1957-66, Curator of the Division's ornithological collections 1967 until retirement in 1970. Enrolled in the Department of Anthropology, Auckland University ca 1979 and again became active in ornithological circles. President, Royal Australasian Ornithologists Union 1962-63 and editor of The Emu 1962-65; helped to found the Canberra Ornithologists Group 1964.
(Blake) & Hocking
Höfling, Elizabeth
Hodgson, Brian Houghton (Bryan) 1800-1894 India/Nepal Born: 1 Feb., 1800 Prestbury, Cheshire, England. 1816: Entered Haileybury College where he lodged with Thomas Malthus. Member of the Indian Civil Service 1818-1843 Nepal from 1820 onward. British Resident there, 1833-1843. First wife: Ann Scott. Darjeeling 1845-1858. Retired to England 1858. Retired country squire Dursley, Gloucestershire, then Alderly, the Cotswolds. 1870: Married, second wife Susan Townsend. 1894: Died May. Obit: Ibis 1894:580 Ref.:Cocker M & Inskipp C. 1988. "A Himalayan Ornithologist. The life and work of Brian Houghton Hodgson." Oxford Univ. Press. Oxford.
Holandre 1778-1857 Holandre, Jean-Joseph-Jacques Librarian and amateur naturalist in Metz. (Note: Not Francois Holandre) (ref. Rookmaaker LC, Morris PA, Glenn IE, Mundy PJ. 2006. The ornithological cabinet of Jean-Baptiste Becoeur and the secret of arsenical Soap". Arch.nat.Hist. 33(1):149.)
Holboll, Carl Peter 1795-1856 Holbøll Dansk. The Widipedia biography can be found Here
Holub, Emil 1847-1902 b. Oct. 7, 1847 in Holice, eastern Bohemia. 1872 M.D. at Prague University d. (?Dec. ?Feb. 21, 1902 Vienna of complications of malaria and other diseases acquired in Africa
Holdsworth, Edmund William Hunt
Hollister, Ned 1876-1924
Holmberg, Eduard Ladislao 1852-1937
Holt Ernest Golsan. Montgomery, Alabama b. 1889
Hold, Paul I.
Holyoak, DT
Homberger, Dominique G.
Hombron, Jacques-Bernard 1798-1852 & Jacquinot, Honoré 1814-1887
Homeyer, Alexander von 1834- 1903 Lepidopterist.
Homeyer, Eugene Ferdinand von 1809-1889 Died: May 31, 1889
Hoogerwerf, Andries b. 1907
Hooper, D. A.
Hoopes, Bernard A.
Horring, R R. Hørring Museum Inspector of the Zoologiskie Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark
Horsfield, Thomas 1773-1859 E India Co American Physician. Born in Penn. Worked closely with Sir T. Raffles 1820 appointed Keeper, Museum Hon. East India Co. Believed in Quinarian system Horsfield & Moore, F. (Vigors) & Horsfield
Horton, P. Horton, Phillipa
Hosner, Peter A.
Howard Howard, Hildegarde 1901-1998 b. April 3, 1901 d. Feb. 28, 1998
Howe, Reginald Heber, Jr. 1875-1932 Born: April 10, 1875. Quincy, Mass. Educated: Harvard, the Sorbonne. Headmaster: Belmont Hill School, 1923-1932. Died: Jan 28, 1932.
Howe, Frank Ernest 1878-1955 Born: 27 February 1878, S. Melbourne Australia Died: 24 October, 1955
Howell, A. Brazier
Howell, Arthur H.
Howell, Steve N.G.
Howell, Thomas Raymond 1924-
Hoy, Philo Romayne Dr 1816-1892
Hoy, Gunnar
Hu, Da-Shih
Hubbard, John P.
Huber, W.
Huddleston, Chritopher J.
Huertas, Blanca Mrs Blanca Huertas Hernandez Curator of Lepidoptera, Natural History Museum, London
Huey, Laurence Markham 1892-1963 Born: 6 Sept. 1892 Tijuana Valley, San Diego, CA Died: 11 June 1963 San Diego, CA Curator of Birds and Mammals at the San Diego Natural History Museum 1923-1961.
Humboldt, Alexander von 1769-1859 1769: born 14 Sept. 1769, Berlin. Studied: Frankfurt University; Göttingen University; mining academy of Freiburg in Saxony. Influenced by geologist Abraham Gottlob Werner. Worked in Prussian mining service. 1790: visited Paris with Georg Forster (naturalist on Captain James Cook's second voyage). 1796: financially independent; continued studies at Jena; met Goethe and Friedrich Schiller. 1799: Accompanied by the botanist Aimé Bonpland, arrived in what is now Venezuela in July and spent the next 5 years exploring the South America. They navigated the Orinoco river and confirmed the existence of a connection between the Orinoco and the Amazon. 1802: June - Humboldt set out to climb the volcanic mount Chimborazo in the Andes (thought to be the highest mountain in the world). Reached nearly 20,000 feet, the highest point then reached by any European mountaineer. 1804: Humboldt brief visit to the United States; returns to Europe, settles in Paris until 1827. 1859: dies 6 May 1859.
Hume, Allan Octavian 1829-1912 1829: born -- son of Joseph Hume M.P. of the "Radical" Party 1842: serves as midshipman on frigate Vangauard, mostly in Med. Haileybury Training College University College Hosp. (studying Medicine and Surgery) 1849: Joins Bengal Civil Service at Etawah, India. Befriends W.E. Brooks (v.s.) 1853: marries Mary Anne Grindall (offspring -- one daughter). India in the Civil Service. Director-General of Agriculture 1867: Appointed Commissioner of Customs for the North West Provinces. 1860: Made Commander of the Bath for bravery in dealing with Indian revolts. Began collecting in 1862, by 1884 accumulated 102,000 eggs, skins, and nests. Collection maintained at his home in Simla, N. India. At age 53 retired from civil-service, but while away from home servants sold all manuscripts and correspondence. Hume gave up ornithology, went into politics and took up botany. Principal founder of the Indian National Congress, which first met in 1885. 1890: Mary Anne Hume dies. 1894: Hume returns to England, settling in Upper Norwood in London. Founded South London Botanic Institute. 1912: dies 31 July. Buried at Brookward Cemetary Refs: Mearns & Mearns. 1988. Biographies for Birdwatchers. Academic Press. New York. Wedderburn, W. 1913. Allan Octavian Hume. C.B. Father of the Indian National Congress . T.F. Unwin. London.
Humphrey, Philip Strong 1926-2009 b. 26 Feb. 1926 Hibbing, MN 1949 Graduated Amherst College d. 13 Nov. 2009 KS & Thompson, M.C. Philip S. Humphrey, Emeritus Dir., KUNHM; Prof. Emeritus, Systematics & Ecology. Ph.D. Univ. of Michigan, 1955. Systematic biology and biogeography of southern South American birds; archaeological remains of birds of Tierra del Fuego.
Huntley, Jerry W.
Hupp, J.R.
Hussain, S.A. 1944-2009 b. 13 Aug. 1944 Karkala, Karnataka d. 31 Dec, 2009 Mangalore (12:30 AM "Heart Attack").
Hutchinson, R.O.
Hutchinson, Mark R.
Hutton, Frederick Wollaston 1836-1905 English/N.Z. geologist,zoologist. Curator at Cantebury Museum in Wellington.
Hutton, Thomas Lt. NOTE: a Lt. Thomas Hutton published at least two taxa, in the J.Asiat.Soc.Bengal Gypaetos Hemachalanus 1836 and Gypaetos himachalanis 1847.
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